Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Every restaurateur knows that they want to be busier but not all have a huge number of Restaurant Marketing Ideas to work with. This article aims to address cafe/restaurant owners who want to make their restaurant busier but aren’t quite sure how to go about it. I’ll go through two simple, cheap and effective methods to market your restaurant to your local community.

Idea No 1.
Letterbox Drop.
This is one of the oldest and most successful methods in marketing. It’s also exceptionally cheap and flexible allowing you to change everything about your ad or offer without costing you the earth. This classic marketing strategy works for several reasons.
1. It’s localised – chances are, if you’re a little cafe or restaurant, you don’t need to market to the entire city or state. Targeting your local community ensures the best possible response rate as you’re not spending good money to target those people who live on the other side of town and won’t come in for a coffee.
2. It’s a reminder – Many people know a little local cafe or restaurant that they’ve driven past for years and never gotten around to going there. A little note in the mail with an offer to come in and try out your restaurant will tip them over the line and get the response you always wanted.
3. It’s urgent and compelling – This is only true depending on how you write your ad but the concept is key. If your flyer gives a fantastic offer as a reason to come in but limits the timeframe that it’s usable in, you’re doing two things to your potential customer. The first of these is triggering their “bargain” impulse. We all have one, the little voice that says, “I HAVE to do that. It’s a great deal!” The second thing you’re doing is making them hurry. A close expiry date makes people plan to do something TODAY! This means that they can’t put it off and get back to it later. This is the key in getting people into your restaurant for the first time.
Idea No 2.
Taste Test!
The taste test is a very under-used method of marketing which costs only a little bit in terms of the stock you use. If you have a fantastic steak/sauce combination, cook a few steaks and get a pot of sauce then hit the street. 1 steak cut into 20 pieces with toothpicks might only cost you $5 or so but if you get 5 people who come in and buy your steak, you’re miles ahead.
Why it works.
1. This promotion works well because it allows people to try your product risk free. If it’s great, they’ll go in and order it and be happy to pay full price.
2. It shows that you know your product is good. You’re so willing to back what you sell that you’ll give it away to people knowing that they’ll come in and buy. This confidence is not lost on the consumer.
3. You get the taste, AND YOUR RESTAURANT, stuck in their head. If you have a truly more-ish product, people will want to grab a voucher/coupon/flyer from you so they have your details handy. Not only do you get them to come back, they’ll bring their friends/partner/family. All for the cost of 1/20th piece of steak:)